Camp McCall was established in 1960 with 12 Staff members. We currently employ over 50 seasonal Staff each summer. Here's a quick look at the current McCall leadership.




Matt “Spinner” Allen is a product of Camp McCall, attending as a camper and serving 9 years on Staff during his college years. After serving as a Staffer, Program Coordinator and Assistant Director at McCall, Spinner served as the Program Director at Wilderness Encounter Program (Grapevine, Texas) and as the Program Director at Summit Adventure (Bass Lake, California).

Spinner is a graduate of Presbyterian College with a BA in History, the National Outdoor Leadership School (Outdoor Education Certificate), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MA in Religious Education) and Eastern University (MS in (Non-Profit Leadership).

Allen joins the staff at McCall after most recently serving for 10+ years as a Naval Officer, in and alongside the U.S. Military, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community.

After being gone from McCall for 18 years, Spinner is excited to be home in South Carolina. His wife, Ginger (a graduate of Appalachian State University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), also serves at McCall as the Operations Director and they are both fortunate enough to live at Camp McCall year-round.  Contact Spinner at 

Assistant Director:

Johnny "Pinto” Cooley serves as Camp McCall’s Assistant Director.  A native of Columbia, Pinto has been teaching at the Middle School/Junior High level for over a decade, specializing in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) subjects.

Pinto has a BA in Psychology from the University of South Carolina, a Secondary Science Certificate from Clemson, and a Master of Arts in Education from Southern Wesleyan University. When they aren’t at Camp McCall, Pinto and his wife Cheryl (widely known as the “best Camp LaVida Staffer of all time”) live in Irmo with their three boys.


Ministry Assistant/registrar:

Chelsea serves as Camp McCall’s Ministry Assistant and Registrar.  A native of Blackstock, SC, Chelsea has worked in a camp setting since 2011 at White Oak and has been with Camp McCall since 2013 helping get kids registered for camp! Before McCall, she worked at USC mentoring freshman women and helping them get acclimated to college life. 

Chelsea has a BA in English with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of South Carolina, and an Associates in Arts also from USC. Chelsea was married in 2015 to Joel Burgher, who tried to woo her with his smarts and good looks, but we all know it was his rock star guitar playing that won. On                                                              the weekends they serve together in ministry, Joel as worship leader and Chelsea as his roadie.                                                                         Contact  Chelsea at 

Maintenance Director:

Trevor "Drawz" Morris

Trevor “Drawz” Morris was born and raised in the North Augusta area and started attending Camp McCall after his 5th grade year. He loves Camp McCall, claiming (like many others) that his experiences at McCall as a camper and Staffer changed his life. He filled key leadership positions on the summer Staff for three summers, including playing an active role in participating and leading Staff missions throughout North and South America, before being called to his current role as Maintenance Director in January 2017.


The heart of Camp has always been our Program Staff: 30+ college-aged young men who spend their summers working with boys and young men here at McCall.  They are an incredibly hard working, energetic and enthusiastic bunch--but more importantly, they provide a tremendous, positive male Christian role model.