Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Cabin request: 
    • Can my son stay with his best friend? 
      We do our best to keep groups of two or three together as “buddies” when assigning cabins during Challenger/Crusader week-long camp, as long as the buddies are within the same grade range (+/- one year).
    • Can our entire church group stay together?
      During Lad camps, church groups stay together. (If a church brings more people than will fit in one cabin, we try to place them in adjacent cabins). During Crusader Camps, church groups are divided into age/grade specific cabins, and each camper “buddies” up with another camper from the same church. Splitting groups into age/grade specific cabins increases the opportunities for socialization, growth, spiritual development as well as minimizes trouble frequently associated with “cliques” and/or previously existing groups of friends.
  2. Immunization:
    • I can’t find my son’s immunization record. 
      To attend Camp McCall, we simply need a statement from the custodial parent/guardian attesting that all immunizations required for school are up to date and including the actual date (month/year) of last tetanus shot (A physician statement, a government immunization record, or a school immunization record is also acceptable. The date of the last tetanus immunization is required.) If your camper does not have immunizations, please the next FAQ.
    • We don’t vaccinate our children…can my son still come to camp?
      Yes. Camp McCall requires all of its campers to be immunized against polio, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus according to school standards. In the event that parents choose not to immunize their child, they must sign a statement releasing the camp from any liability due to exposure to any communicable disease (including any consequences from the withholding of tetanus immunizations should their child sustain a cut or puncture wound while on the campsite).
      The immunization waiver should be signed and attached to the camper’s registration form. Contact the camp office if you need this waiver.
  3. How much money does my camper need to bring to camp?
    This will vary according to the personal preferences of each camper.  As a general rule, campers have the opportunity to spend money at the Craft Hut, Canteen and Camp Store.  The Canteen is generally open twice a day (once in the morning and once post-Chapel) and $2.00 is more than adequate at each visit. Items in the Camp Store range from $5-$15, and items in the Craft Hut range from $1-$18, with the majority being under $7.
    Additionally, campers deposit the bulk of their money in the “Camp Bank” and have access to withdraw money (as needed) at various times during the week.
  4. What time does camp end?  What time should I be there to pick him up?
    Lad, Alpha and Family Camps end after breakfast on the third day.  Campers can be picked up after 9:00 AM. 
    Crusader and Adventure Recreation trip camps end after lunch on the fifth day. Campers can be picked up after 2:00 PM.
  5. Why has my camper not responded to the BunkOne I sent?
    BunkOne messages are delivered to campers at mealtimes. While we strongly encourage campers to take the time to reply, we do not force them to write a response. Oftentimes, they are simply having too much fun and forget to reply. We promptly return every reply that we receive back from campers.
  6. I have not received a registration confirmation packet.
    All confirmation packets will be emailed or can be downloaded from the website. If you do not have email access or if you have not received your confirmation packet, please contact our Registrar (803-227-6050) for assistance.
  7. Background Screening:
    • I have a background screening with my church. Do I need to do another?
      Yes. The South Carolina Baptist Convention requires every adult over the age of 18 to have a background screening through ClearStar. Unfortunately, background screenings from other places (church, school, job, etc) are not acceptable. There is no charge to you for this screening.
    • I already had a screening with Disaster Relief in 2017, do I need another?    Nope! Just let us know.
    • Why do I need a need a background screening? For legal purposes and the safety of our campers  all adults (staff, parents, chaperones, adult campers etc) 18 and up much complete and annual background check.
  • I filled out a background screening. Why haven’t I heard back? 
    Based on the volume of background screenings that must be completed, the SCBC will only contact you if there are problems with your screening.  No news is good news!
  1. Can McCall’s kitchen accommodate my camper who is gluten/lactose intolerant, vegetarian, diabetic?
    Our food service staff, given appropriate advance notice, will make every effort to accommodate special dietary needs, but we are unable to guarantee this.  Campers with medical conditions are always welcome to bring their own food and allow our food service Staff to prepare it.
  2. Can my camper bring his cellular device (or other electronic devices) to camp?
    Camp McCall is so full of fun activities that electronics are not necessary. Campers are prohibited from bringing or operating cellular or other electronic devices at camp. Additionally, Camp McCall assumes no responsibility for damage or theft to these devices. Our advice—leave them at home and enjoy the week in the mountains! And besides, we do not have cell service at camp.
  3. My son cannot come to camp. Can I get a refund?
    Camp McCall plans our program, hires Staff and organizes the summer based on how many campers register for the summer. Although we certainly understand that unforeseen circumstances arise, we have very little flexibility in offering a refund. Camp McCall only offers a refund for campers who experience a medical emergency. In order to process the refund, we will need a letter from an authorized health care provider explaining the medical emergency.
  4. Can I pay a deposit to reserve a spot for my son and pay the remainder at a later time?
    Full payment must be paid at the time of registration.